Public event, video
Public event
12 July 2014, Località Cornola, Malonno, Italy
Accordionist, bells sound, benches, birthday cake, bread, cameraman, cheese, chorus, dogs, firecrackers, fruits, full moon, guests, lights, music, olive tree, posters, pizzas, rainbow, sponsors, tables, wines, witch, wizard
Color, sound
14 minutes, 50 seconds

Within the context of: Case Sparse | Tra l’Etere e la Terra residency program, edition 2014 "Il Centro storico - Frazioni" - Malonno, Val Camonica, Lombardia, Italy

Val Camonica is one of the largest valleys of the central Alps in eastern Lombardy. Its stone carvings constitute the biggest collection of prehistoric petroglyphs in the world and it was Italy’s first world heritage site recognized by Unesco in 1979.
In the area of Còrnola, in the village of Malonno, it was located the biggest monolith of the entire valley, known as Cornèl de la Regina. According to local people, in the 1980s -for reasons that still remain unexplained- the monolith disappeared and in its position grew a tree.
Ever since there is no commonly accepted date for the disappearance of the monolith Cornèl de la Regina. As such, the day of my birth (12th of July 1988) was proposed as the provisional vanishing date until the whole community will decide to replace it. The anniversary of the disappearance has been celebrated in Còrnola, for the first time, on the night between the 11th and the 12th of July 2014.
During the feast, a series of events recalled the major theories explaining the disappearance of the legendary monolith, inviting the inhabitants to face some of the reasons that disoriented so far their collective memory.
The organization of the feast has been made possible thanks to the generous contribution of most inhabitants and businesses of the area.

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