Open studio

The exhibition “But it was not enough” is a collection of gestures. The works emerge through subtraction, modification and dislocation of already existing objects or architectural elements and reflect a practice based on a strict reductivist approach of economy of means. Everyday objects compose a landscape in which the narrative possibilities of common materials are examined. The rough and the non-aestheticized qualities of the works aim at revealing the poetic essence inherent in familiar and banal situations, disconnecting the production of art from design strategies.
The topic of the exhibition cannot be clearly specified. It is about existential concepts such as intimacy, loneliness, transcendence, failure, loss and the sublime. The title “But it was not enough” admits the incapability to confront such abstract notions, exposing the humorous aspects of subjectivity as a tool for understanding.
Devaluating skills and originality, the exhibition proposes works that could be reproduced by anyone, ultimately focusing not on the objects themselves but on the way of looking at them.