Notes on death #1 2018 Collage
Transcendence 2017 Installation
The lonely bird... 2017 Drawing
Land off 2017 Video
He is what he is, and that’s all that he is 2016 Photography
Über den Wolken scheint immer die Sonne (Sunny film) 2016 Installation
Über den Wolken scheint immer die Sonne (Sunny window) 2016 Installation
For title please call +39.327.20.05.895 2016 Drawing
They did that unspeakable thing and then had a bourbon 2015 Photography
So nice 2015 Installation
I, Dr. Jennifer Ballantine Perera 2015 Performance
Desert bite 2015 Video
Migratory birds 2015 Photography
A day that wasn't 2014 Video
Sailing machine 2014 Sculpture
Sailing away 2014 Photography
AG IV 2014 Performance
Anniversario temporaneo 2014 Public event, video
A portrait of her (24/6/2013) 2013 Mixed media
Sunny and cloudy 2013 Public installation
Flying machine #2 2013 Sculpture
Attempt to fly 2013 Video
Flying machine #1 2013 Sculpture
Transcending or that’s why I’m not surprised about the ceilings 2012 Installation
Limone e fragola 2012 Video
I made this for her smile 2012 Photography
This is what I mean when I say goodbye 2011 Photography
Yes, I’m depressed on 2,85 m 2011 Video
Dawn 2011 Video installation
This is what your thought looks like 2010 Video
We know how you feel 2010 Video